Our Ice cream

Traditional & Handcrafted: The 16% Difference

When it comes to quality ice cream, fat is where it's at. Wait, what!? We're talking about milkfat of course! Milkfat is one of the essential components of ice cream, with "overrun" - or the amount of air whipped into the ice cream- being the other. Have you ever bought a cone that started melting almost instantly in your hand? (That's overrun).  


So why does fat matter? To meet the legal definition of "ice cream", a frozen food must contain a minimum of 10% milkfat. And meeting the minimum is what many ice cream brands do.  They also whip lots of air into their ice cream to expand the product's volume.  Why? Because it's cheaper to produce on an industrial scale.  Some "premium" brands out there may go the extra mile to produce ice cream with 12%-14% milkfat, but only the rarest of ice cream makers will boldly go to higher levels than this. But isn't more fat bad? Not when it comes to ice cream. The higher the milkfat %, the higher quality the milk (and the less room for added air). The result is a much creamier, denser and cleaner tasting product.


At Sweetly Scooped, our traditional and handcrafted ice creams are made with a whopping 16% milkfat and low levels of overrun to bring you an exceptional array of delicious flavors you won't find anywhere else. A commitment to the high quality, all-natural ingredients is paramount in how we choose our distributors and suppliers. Our homemade and traditional ice cream is made from non-GMO dairy from grass-fed cows and doesn't contain artificial flavors, colors, sugar syrups or carrageenan. 


You won't find mass-market stuff here, only the best tasting, freshest and sweetest ice cream being scooped!


16% Milkfat flavors




Cookies & Cream

Milk Chocolate Cookies


Chip N' Mint

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Indonesian Vanilla Bean

Butter Pecan

Salted Caramel

Candy Carnival (handcrafted)

Vanilla Chip (handcrafted)


Organic & Non-dairy: honesty, Integrity and indulgence

Sweetly Scooped is proud to be the only shop in the area to hand dip USDA certified organic ice cream. Our organic product line represents the highest commitment to pure, honestly made natural food manufactured by a world-class company committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability.


All of our organic flavors are completely free from GMO's, pesticides, corn syrups and artificial additives/colors. Each and every flavor is handcrafted to bring out the natural beauty in the ingredients. The sugar is Rainforest Alliance certified grown on a family farm in Brazil. The cocoa comes from the National Confederation of Dominican Cacao Producers (CONACADO), a farmer-owned organization of small-scale cacao producers in the Dominican Republic. The dairy is sourced from organic farms in upstate New York and the ice cream itself is manufactured using the traditional technique of low temperature-long time pasteurization that retains the healthy enzymes in the dairy and results in an old fashioned flavor and distinctively rich and silky texture.  


We're pretty sure you've never tasted ice cream like this, and are so excited to offer our community what is truly the very best ice cream out there!


Please check our site often as we rotate flavors!


organic & Non-Dairy Flavors

Vanilla Coconut (vegan, non-dairy)

Golden Milk (vegan, non-dairy)

Chocolate Orange (vegan, non-dairy)

Raspberry Lime sorbet (non-dairy)

Strawberry Sorbet (non-dairy)

Mexican Chocolate Chip

Banana Cookie Crumble

Raspberry Chip

Bread & Roses